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Piezotome Cube - D

Demo Model
Part Number:
Manufacturer Part Number: F50108
Warranty: 2 Years
Retail Price: $7,781.99

warning Please note: This item is approved for use by dental professionals only, please include your license information in the order comments to expedite processing.

Ultrasonic bone-surgery device. Cuts only bone and not soft tissue for safe and predictable surgery with reduced risk of damaging nerves, arteries, or ginigiva. Offers compassionate care, making it particularly effective for atraumatic extractions, sinus elevations, bone-block grafting, and ridge splitting. Dynamic Power System Inside (DPSI) with the most cutting power on the market for the fastest procedures while being just as safe to the soft tissue and bone as previous devices. Preserves buccal bone during extractions resulting in less trauma for patients and easier immediate implant placement. Less pain and swelling for patients postsurgery. Touch-screen control for easy operation.

  • Highly powerful, reliable and versitile, Piezotome® CUBE drastically improves the experience of implant and bone surgery procedures. 
  • Provide compassionate clinical care with effective, predictable outcomes and enhanced healing with significantly less swelling, bleeding, pain and complications. 
  • The CUBE's unmatched performance combined with the practitioner’s clinical expertise facilitates accurate, faster, atraumatic and more predictable bone treatments. For extractions, socket preservation is paramount for immediate implant placement. Piezotome CUBE will help you achieve these goals.

This item is for dental use only.

Contains: 1 Piezotome Cube LED handpiece, torque Wrench, foot Pedal, irrigation Bracket,  5 sterile disposable Irrigation lines

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